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Donation goals 2018



We are setting the bar high in 2018. We have ambitious goals to raise double what we donated last year to the Boston Children's Hospital. We are greatly appreciative of any amount of money that you can donate. Even if it's $1.00, everything counts. Please click the Donate Now button below to donate.



Who We Are


The Heart Warrior Foundation was created by the DiFava and Adamson families who were directly affected by Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) in their two children Genevieve and Will.  After seeing firsthand the impact CHD’s have on the entire family unit, the DiFavas and Adamsons decided to create a nonprofit organization in which the goal is to support, educate, and raise funds and awareness for families affected by CHDs.  In the year 2016, with the support of friends and family, they were able to raise and donate $12,000 to The Heart Center at Boston Children’s Hospital.  Seeing the great potential of the impact they could have on affected families led to the creation on the Heart Warrior Foundation.



Quality of Life

Improve the health and quality of life outcomes of CHD's through funding advancements in research.


Develop a stronger support network for siblings of CHD patients and also recognize the courage they possess during a difficult time.


Support the heart warrior family unit during inpatient hospital settings to make hospital stays less stressful.


Support the advancement of continuing education for nurses and also high school students looking to matriculate in the area of medicine/nursing.

Past events


Boston's Run to Remember Half Marathon Challenge 2017

Nashua Police won third place and $1,000 in Boston's Run to Remember Half Marathon Challenge in May 2017 for Heart Warrior Foundation.

Heroes Cup Hockey Tournament 2017

Nashua Police won first place at the Heroes Cup Hockey Tournament held in Marlborough in April 2017, raising $1725 for Heart Warrior Foundation.

Falmouth Road Race 2017

We are so proud and thankful of the six runners who ran the Falmouth Road Race for the Heart Warrior Foundation in August 2017 raising approximately $9,000.

Wachusett Mountain 5K

In September 2016, we had held a Heart Warrior 5K at Wachusett Mountain. We had such a great turnout for our first event which sparked the creation of Heart Warrior Foundation.

Heart Warrior Programs


Thomas Sauvigne Memorial Scholarship

Heart Warrior Foundation started the annual Thomas Sauvigne Memorial Scholarship in honor of Heart Angel Thomas Sauvigne. In 2018, the $1,000 scholarship was awarded to a high school student at Pelham New Hampshire High School who was pursuing a career in medicine.

Thomas Heilner Memorial Scholarship

Heart Warrior Foundation created the annual Thomas Heilner Memorial Scholarship in honor of Heart Angel Thomas Heilner. In 2018, the $1,000 scholarship was awarded to a high school student at Ayer Massachusetts High School who was pursuing a career in medicine.

Quarterly Care Packages

Heart Warrior Foundation delivers quarterly care packages.

Heart Warrior Meal Program

Supporting families during the inpatient hospital setting is one of our main goals. Eating while your child is in the hospital is something that really starts to add up, especially since many CHD children require weeks to months of inpatient time. Thanks to our incredible donors we will be donating 60 meals to inpatient families on the cardiac unit!!

Quarterly Cupcake Parties

Heart Warrior Foundation throws quarterly cupcake parties on the cardiac unit at Boston Children's Hospital for inpatient families and staff!

Heart Center Donation

Heart Warrior Foundation makes a yearly donation to the Heart Center at Boston Children's Hospital. In 2018, the foundation presented the Heart Center with $5,000!

Medical ID Bracelets

A new part of our care packages this year is offering a free medical alert bracelet to our Heart Warriors. Early recognition of medical history/diagnosis is imperative to medical professionals in the event of an emergency. It can be life saving and we are so proud to help support safety of our warriors!


Tommy Tree Program

Tommy Tree Program - The meaning of the oak tree has always been that of strength and endurance. There are no two other words that describe a Heart Warrior family better than those. The Thomas Tree Program was developed as a way to offer support to our bereaved families, as they are an integral part of our CHD community. When a family loses a child to a CHD, the Heart Warrior Foundation will donate an oak tree to the family to be planted at a location of their choosing in memory of their child. If you or someone you know would be interested in being a recipient, please reach out to us at

Hayden's Heart Healing of the Heart

Healing of the Heart’ is a retreat that was created off of the inspiration of Landon's Legacy - a fellow angel mom in Canada who created a special place for grieving mothers to connect and heal on levels only other grieving mothers can relate to. In 2018, Heart Warrior Foundation sponsored two mothers to attend this retreat!


Donate Now


Heart Warrior’s “Healing With Happiness”


The Heart Warrior Foundation is proud to introduce Heart Warrior’s “Healing With Happiness” program to our CHD community. As a foundation, we strive to think of ways to create normalcy and happiness for the heart warriors, their siblings, and families. Our Healing With Happiness program gives our CHD warriors and their families a chance to enjoy a New England based “gift” of their choosing.  The Heart Warrior Foundation hopes to provide a memorable, carefree experience for our heart warriors and families who have endured some much in their lives.  The Heart Warrior Foundation will award limited spots in 2018 to New England based families (ME, VT, NH, MA, CT, RI), but hopes to grow and expand to accommodate as many Heart Warriors and their families as possible in years to come.  

We want to include the warrior in their decision and encourage them to look through our ideas of how best we can bring them some happiness for their bravery! These are some general ideas that the Heart Warrior Foundation has come up with to get the Heart Warrior thinking.  Certain restrictions/availabilities apply and can be discussed further with heart warriors and their families.  Activity locations must remain within Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

Hotel stays (To include, but not limited to) – Great Wolf Lodge, Coco Key, Jay’s Peak, etc. (Based on availability)

Camping Trips

Best Buy Shopping Spree 

Simon Mall Shopping Spree

Tickets to the following (To include, not limited to) – Southwick Zoo, Stone Zoo, Franklin Park Zoo, Roger Williams Zoo, Canobie Lake Park, Edaville Railroad, Davis Farm Land, Museum of Science, Children’s Museum Boston, Boston Duck Tours, Boston Aquarium, Mystic Aquarium, Old Sturbridge Village, Water Country, Legoland, Coco Key Water Park, Museum of Fine Arts, Six Flags New England, Story Land, Santa’s Village, York Wild KIngdom, Funtown Splashtown USA or any other activity heart warrior could think of

Tickets to any regular season New England Sporting Event – (Based on Availability)

Lift tickets to New England ski mountain of choice

Parent and Heart Warrior Spa Treatment –  New England Spa of choice 

Tickets to any Music Event in New England – (Based on Availability) 

Tickets to any Theater Event in New England – (Based on Availability)

Music/Dance Lessons x 1 year

We are open to ideas within financial reason but can not guarantee specific wish requests. 

Our Story


William (Will) Adamson and Genevieve DiFava both were welcomed into a world where they were going to have to fight to be part of it.  Will was prenatally diagnosed with Pulmonary Atresia and Genevieve with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome – two conditions that are fatal without surgical intervention and will require life long treatment, monitoring, surgeries and catheterizations.  After receiving several life saving procedures at Boston Children’s Hospital, both children are thriving and happy toddlers.

Many hoops were jumped through and hurdles were crossed for them to be where they are today and many more will arise in the future which affects not only them, but the well being of all who love and care for them.  From the day of diagnosis to the present day to day living with Congenital  Heart Defects, several aspects of the affected families lives change. Recognizing this first hand in their families, the Adamsons and DiFavas are striving to support and educate families to help make these familial transitions to the life of a Heart Warrior family more smooth.

Founders of the charity


Bill & Kim Adamson (Right)

Matthew & Caitlin DiFava (Left)

“When Caitlin and Kim both became pregnant with Heart Warriors at the same time, an instant bond of of mutual support was born during such challenging times.  Being so lucky to find such great help in each other, the Adamson and DiFava families decided to team up and try to share a similar support system with other families that are facing Congenital Heart Defects.”


Best Moment In Our Life



Celebrity sightings

Zdeno Chara

Governor Charlie Baker

Boston College Chief William Evans

David Ortiz

Rene Rancourt

Heart Warrior Foundation celebrity sightings. Zdeno Chara, Governor Baker, Rene Rancourt, and David Ortiz taking time for photographs. Big Papi even autographed a baseball for our Halloween Party raffle being held at the Derryfield in Manchester, NH on October 13, 2018!!!

Upcoming Events

Sponsoring two Moms for Healing of Heart by Hayden’s Heart for 2018

Healing of the Heart’ is a retreat that was created off of the inspiration of Landon’s Legacy – a fellow angel mom in Canada who created a special place for grieving mothers to connect and heal on levels only other grieving mothers can relate to.

After being lead to Amelia’s retreat through an online connection, Hayden’s mom, Ady, knew she needed to create something similar for mothers where they would find a tranquil place to find solace and relaxation for grieving mothers here on the east coast.

In 2015 Hayden’s Heart hosted their first ‘Healing of the Heart’ retreat. 24 heart angel mamas gathered from all over the country, most meeting for the first time. It was an instant bond and connection words can’t begin to describe. Those mothers still talk daily and have small reunions finding ways to stay in touch – an unbreakable bond was formed that weekend between them, and the relationships are deeper than everyone in attendance expected to develop.

Our 2016 retreat was once again a life changing experience for the 32 women in attendance.

Annual Halloween Party October 13, 2018

Fall is fast approaching and before you know it our annual Halloween Fundraiser will be upon us. Please take the time to get your tickets in advance by clicking on the link below.

2019 Heroes Cup Hockey Tournament

Heroes Cup Hockey Tournament has been announced for April 12-14, 2019.  Such a great event that raises awareness and funds for so many great charities!!



Another Falmouth Road Race in the books!! In 2018, eight runners raised awareness and a tremendous amounts of funds for the Heart Warrior Foundation. Great job runners!

The Nashua Police Department hockey team took first place again at the Heroes Cup Hockey Tournament, raising over $8000.00 to support the Heart Warrior Foundation. 

The Nashua Police Department again competed in the Boston Run to Remember Law Enforcement Half Marathon Challenge on May 27, 2018.  This year, NPD placed first in the challenge winning $5,000 for Heart Warrior Foundation!!!! Great Work Team NPD!!!

The first annual Tommy Sauvigne Memorial Golf Tournament was held at Sky Meadow Country Club in Nashua on July 23, 2018.  It was generously organized and run by the Lannan and Sauvigne families and friends, benefiting Heart Warrior Foundation.  We look forward to next year!


"Congratulations! You are the winner of our rookie of the year award for your outstanding fundraising efforts in 2016. You guys absolutely blew it out of the water this past year with your 1st annual heart warrior 5k. We are so grateful for the support and are looking forward to working with you again soon. Thanks for all you do!

Jess Brandi, Boston Childrens Hospital


Heart Warrior Foundation Donated To The Fontan Blood Pump

For people born with a single ventricle heart, options are scarce. They must either undergo a palliative series of open heart surgeries, ending with the Fontan, or receive a heart transplant. As the first Fontan patients reach adulthood, emerging data suggests that all Fontans will eventually fail. It is no longer a matter of if, but when. There are several complex and individualized factors that determine when and how failure will present, but once it does, the only option becomes a heart transplant. While heart transplants are lifesaving, they come with their own risks and another timeline for eventual failure. In 2000, while at Stanford University, Dr. Mark Rodefeld began rethinking the way Fontan patients should be treated. Guided by the belief that there must be a better approach toward stronger outcomes for single ventricle heart patients, he began his research. He sought to develop a treatment option for Fontan patients that would extend the life of the Fontan repair and put off, or eliminate, the need for a heart transplant. 

Our Beloved Sponsors